odag swagg

ODAG Swagg

September 2013


masksIn September, 2013, the second show, which audiences wildly applauded, was titled "ODAG Swagg" by the performers. This performance brought to life an anthology of poems, theatre monologues, and historical speeches, all chosen and memorized by the individual actors.

A list of the pieces performed follows:

          Title Author Date
"If" Rudyard Kipling 1910
"What to the American Slave is Your Fourth of July?" Frederick Douglass July 5,1852
"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" Dylan Thomas 1939
Monologue from Joe Turner's Come and Gone August Wilson 1984
"When the Smoke Clears" Leonard Peltier 1997
Monologue from Cyrano de Bergerac Edmond Rostand 1897
"Have Mercy on Me, My Soul" Kahlil Gibran 20th cent
"Auguries of Innocence" William Blake 1803
Monologue from Macbeth William Shakespeare 1607
"Madhouse" Calvin C. Hernton 1987
Monologue from The Big Funk John Patrick Shanley 1990
"We Wear the Mask" Paul Laurence Dunbar 1895
"I'm Free" Anonymous unknown
"If We Must Die" Claude McKay 1919
"On Forgetting" John Peilmeier 1989
Monologue from Henry V William Shakespeare 1599
Monologue from Malcom X Thulani Davis 1986
"Misunderstood" ODAG Member 2013

This show was assisted by Oberlin College junior Environmental studies major, Isabella McKnight.