Here are voices of ODAG actors, speaking about collaboration and the experience of rehearsing and performing in a play.

"Desdemona has become my moral compass. Playing her has given me a perspective on all the ways I've treated women and how I see and hear other men talk about women."

"ODAG to me is the brotherhood, family, community, trust, all rolled up in one program. It really makes me proud to be part of it."

"ODAG is a portal for mind travel to higher frontiers of consciousness that opens new vistas."

"My family has seen the changes in me, and I tell them it is because of 'Shakespeare.' "


"Thoughts, speech, and actions are the garments of Shakespeare's soul, thus, I endeavor to manifest each."

"ODAG is a powerful medium to discover 'Self' through professional teaching, bonding, learning, and self-expression. Being a member of this Family is the best way to tear down barriers and make the fence dissipate so that freedom can be embodied."

"I have been chasing drugs all my life, and this has been there all along. I won't need drugs any more."

"This is the first time I have stepped this far out of my comfort zone and then found it safe and fun."

"The best birthday present I had was to have my daughter see me starring in a Shakespeare play."

"ODAG has helped me shed my convict mentality, look other people in the eye, and give up my scowl. I am a changed man and others see it!"


"The more we give of ourselves the greater the gift we give others, and through living the lives of others we find empathy, understanding and insight."

"I, like Prospero, can only be freed by letting go of my hurt, anger, and regret."

"ODAG has opened my mind to new things that I did not know existed."

"Through this play I'm allowed to feel free from the mask of confinement."

"I feel very fortunate to have spent such quality time here with you. You have helped bring to the end of this journey much peace, pleasure, humor and satisfaction. Not just an escape from the hum-drum of everyday life behind these gray old prison walls, but an escape from the stagnation of an underutilized mind. I thank you for allowing me to have this experience. You are all a part of me and I will never forget you."

"ODAG provides me with a sense of freedom, a first class education, and great satisfaction from doing my best for others."

"I have grown in several ways, through your stories and our shared experiences, and through our collective commitment to this - our family and our craft. Both individually and together we have strived to better ourselves and each other, which is the true spirit of both family and community - two things that were too easily taken for granted in my former life."

"In my college literature course my prof passed to me his passion and a-ha moments of Shakespeare. ODAG has given me the opportunity to pass on these same passions and a-ha moments."