Oberlin Drama at Grafton

The deadline to register for performances of "ODAG Swagg II" was November 21, and it is now past. We are very sorry if you wished to come but missed this deadline. You can use the "CONTACT US" link at the bottom left to let us know that you'd like to be informed of future performances by the ODAG actors.

Mission Statement

Oberlin Drama at Grafton prepares residents of the Grafton Reintegration Center for a successful return to society through increased self-knowledge, social understanding, and enhanced life skills gained from studying and performing meaningful drama.


The Vision of ODAG

ODAG is dedicated to making significant theatre that can transform the lives of men seeking to redeem their pasts and remake their futures.

Through collaborative processes of rehearsal and performance, men enhance their humanity, expand their imaginative and expressive capacities, and develop trust and confidence. Inhabiting complex and articulate characters in a supportive ensemble fosters introspection, critical dialogue, and social values that inspire men to contribute to a more just society and to pursue more considered lives.

Through its partnership with Oberlin College students, faculty, and staff as well as other theatre professionals and community participants, ODAG hopes to inspire other arts programs in prison settings and with previously incarcerated men and women in the Northeast Ohio region.